Gifted Awareness Week Seminar: Learning: Focusing on Strengths

By | February 24, 2019

Dr Lannie Kanevsky is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University Vancouver Canada. 

Seminar Details:

How do learners learn? How is the learning of gifted students similar and different from that of others their age? Dr Kanevsky will answer these fundamental questions and identify features of learning that can be adapted to respond to gifted learners’ strengths. Dr Kanevsky will introduce a chart that can help them, their children, and educators match the learning strategies to their child’s strengths. We’ll explore the free resources on her website to find those that will nurture and extend each child’s extraordinary abilities.

When: 5:30pm Thursday 21 March 2019

Where: Campbell High School Treloar Crescent Campbell ACT 2612

Ticket Pricing:

Early Bird offer until 7 March 2019: $40

After 7 March 2019: $50

ACT GFSG Members: Ticket cost included in annual membership fee

Tickets available at:


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